How to incorporate natural stone in interior decoration to bring out the best effect

Using natural stone for interior decoration will bring quite a surprise effect to your home. But how to use natural stone to decorate, combine natural stone with which material to get the best effect and increase the beauty of stone.
Stone material itself has natural beauty, and you know how to put them in the right place in the interior space, they will promote natural beauty, close to your living space. Natural stone can be used for many different purposes. ... Architectural design with stone helps bring rustic beauty, rudimentary but also very artistic that you should apply.

Combine natural stone with light


Natural stone is composed of rock crystals, which when the light shines on it, creates a beautiful shiny or sparkling effect. Therefore, you should decorate the stone in places with natural light, doors, windows or balconies will help bring the best results. In case you use wall tiles or floor tiles in dimly lit areas, be skillful to take advantage of artificial light sources such as LEDs.

Not only stone materials, but in any style, if you know how to combine with the lighting system will increase the aesthetic value of your home. With stone walls, the light arrangement will make the space less coarse, old and colder.

Combined with other natural materials

Stone itself has the natural beauty of nature, and when you know how to combine with other natural furniture will make your beautiful home even more beautiful. You should cleverly combine natural stone with wooden furniture such as wooden floors, wood plywood, wool carpets, cotton packages will help balance the color and temperature in the room.

Besides, do not forget to put more green pots next to the stone wall, or aquariums will make the space more harmonious and closer to nature.

Use natural stone as a highlight for the space

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You can also design a stone wall that acts as a main highlight in the room. You do not need to clad all the stone walls, but just create a small highlight to bring luxury and unique beauty in the room.

With any design you can apply to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, you can completely create this highlight according to your own ideas. If you want the space to become more attractive, you can combine it with other colors such as red, orange, and yellow.

Above we have just suggested 3 ideas combining effective stone materials in home interior design for your reference. You can choose the natural stones commonly used in interior design such as: slate, limestone, granite, river pebbles, ... each has its own characteristics for you to freely choose. choose and decor for your house!


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