The largest variety and diversity of stone products in Vietnam

HAI THUAN STONE JSC has had nearly-30-year experience in the field of manufacturing and trading stone products such as Marble, Granite, Artificial Stone, Onyx Stone, Gemstone Paintings, Block stone, Stone Table, and other stone materials.


Granite Stone


Marble Stone

nhan tao

Artificial Stone



Onyx Stone

tranh da

Gemstone Paintings

ban da

Table Stone

Wholesale, retail and nationwide delivery

HAI THUAN STONE JSC has a professional cargo system transporting up to 2,800,000m2 of stone annually, including 20 well-equipped 40-feet container trucks (length 12m, width 2.5m, height 2.6m),  20 forklift trucks, and bridge crane systems. Ensuring the amount of goods transported between the warehouses, following the customers’ progress and minimizing working time help increase the business efficiency.

phan phoi 2
phan phoi 4
phan phoi 6
phan phoi 5
Phan phoi 3
phan phoi 1

Supplying gemstone paintings and 3D CLOUDY STONE SLABS in large quantity

Gemstone Paintings of HAI THUAN STONE JSC are made from artificial stones. We have nearly 1,000 samples of different sizes, colors, and topics, which are often updated, like Landscape Gemstone Paintings, 3D Diamond Paintings, Fengshui Gemstone Paintings, Onyx Stone Paintings. With qualified architects and experts, managers with many years of experience and carefull skilled creative workers, we offer our customers unique artworks. The 3D printing technology has especially first been used in Vietnam bringing sharply detailed images with the long-lasting stone-printed colors, and technical and aesthetic values to any architectural styles, which satisfies all the strict requirements of the customers.

Tranh da 1
hoat dong 2

Distributing block stone and cut stone; outsourcing, manufacturing stone on demand

HAI THUAN STONE JSC manufactures and offers high quality natural block stone, whose hardness is stable over time.

HAI THUAN STONE JSC is equipped with modern machines in all stone manufacturing activities such as stone block cutters, auto stone block polishing machines, engraving machines, heat blowing machines, stone slicing machines, stone cutting waterjet, edge cutting machines, curve cutting machines. They allow us to manufacture from block stone to small cut stone. The factories are large and provided with safe crane systems.

da khoi 1
hoat dong 2

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